Design and Engineering

compressorGCC, Inc. offers comprehensive project design and engineering capability. You can count on our in-depth, hands-on, engineering and operating experience to design and engineer your compression, gathering and processing facilities. GCC can develop your facility design, from single 100 Hp compressor layout to multiple stage CBM stations, electric drives to turbine drives. We apply industry standards for your specific requirement.

EPC: Designed, engineered expansion with rental compression. GCC redesigned CBM separation systems and header systems adding 1200 Hp. GCC expanded CDP operation with 2 @ 1300 Hp compressors and redesigned suction and discharge headers, while adding auxiliary cooler for 60 MMscf/d facility. Fast-track project completed in 5 months during Raton, New Mexico winter.

Design Engineering EOR: Engineered high-pressure (2100 psig) CO2 injection for 200 mmscf/d project. Developed project scope, evaluated 2- and 3-phase separation equipment, defined VRU, re-compressor and main compressor specifications.

EPC: Designed and engineered the expansion of compression and processing facility from 2 @ 700 Hp compressors and processing for 20 MMscfd. GCC expansion included revamping existing units and adding 4 @ 1200 Hp compressors and processing for 50 MMscf/d. GCC’s design allowed facility to be fully constructed, completed and operated in 4 months from first client contact to start up.

arielDrawing courtesy of Ariel Corporation.

Compressor Engineering: GCC engineered 3700 and 6500 Hp electric drive packages allowing 11% additional volume/Hp at design over conventional packager designs. GCC engineered Caterpillar 3516, 3608 and 3612 for low ratio 2 stage compressor packages providing 13% increased volume over conventional packager designs.

Design and Engineering: GCC designed 1 @ 8,000 Hp compressor station and 1 12,000 Hp compression stations at two West Virginia, Marcellus sites. Full facility design for pig receivers, Separation, compression processing and materials loading and unloading. Challenges included building over a coal mine and developing geotechnical and structural design solutions.