Compression Optimization

166Optimization: CBM Midstream-Optimized 13 rotary screws and 4 reciprocating compressors in Gillette, WY. Phase 1: Gathered field and equipment data. Phase 2: Evaluated data, adjusted field dynamics, and made minor operational changes to compressors and engines. In 3 days, GCC increased field production from 23 MMCFD to 32 MMCFD. Phase 3: Detailed presentation to VP of Engineering on existing gathering system and operations improvements that were available, plus a detailed scope, cost, and ROI. Upgrades increased production 15%. Reduced companies expected expenditures, of buying and installing 3000 hp, saving over $3,000.000.00

Gathering-Optimized 85 compressors in Northern California. Prepared detailed evaluation of existing compression and results of modeling gathering system, developed return on investment presentation for upper management, developed field strategy for centralization, obtained construction permits, prepared RFQ’s for replacement rental and purchased equipment, and managed installation of gathering systems and startup of compressors. Resulted in reduction of; 15 compressors, 2500 Hp, 168 tons of emissions and 2500 man hours per year. Direct savings to company $900,000.00 per year in rental expense.

pic18Optimization: Optimized gathering compression in Ft. Lupton, CO field. Client operated older gathering system with equipment that was severely underutilized. GCC evaluated the system and determined that several multi-staged compressors and dehy stations could be replaced with low pressure operating rotary screws operating without dehydration. Other CDP locations could be modified to handle the increased production at little cost. GCC reduced compression from 13 compressors to 7, reduced fuel consumption by 30%, and improved overall throughput. This net result was a reduction in permitted NOx and CO emissions from over 850 and 750 tons per year to under 90 and 35 tons per year, respectively.