Optimization and Audits

Optimization: GCC provides Audit and Optimization service for compressors, facilities, gathering lines and process systems. As part of our services, we establish base line system potential through a comprehensive study of the capability of all components. Once equipment capability is understood, GCC completes a comparative analysis of the systems shortfalls. Our experts then determine root causes for the differences in potential vs. actual performance. This may include compressor modifications, gathering line upgrades, separation equipment improvement and process equipment design. GCC then analyzes costs vs. benefits and provides our clients with a detailed presentation of the results.
Once management understands the tremendous potential, most have hired GCC to provide specific facility improvements. Our optimization has resulted in emission reductions, increased throughput, reduced field and plant compression, reduced fuel consumption, better liquid handling, and improved gas treating and process operations. The end result is always more money in our client’s pockets.