Process Equipment Upgrades

023Process Solutions: GCC assisted Utah client with J-T skid optimization. Client was using 12 MMscf/d of 700 psig, plant processed gas for compressors, heaters and field pumping units. Plant was at maximum capacity with additional field gas available. GCC provided an alternative by taking 12 MMscf/d at 700 psig of non-processed gas through a Rental J-T skid and dehydrator to provide dry gas at 250 psig for the fuel requirements. This freed up 12 MMscfd gas that could be plant treated and sold. GCC reduced companies expected expenditures of buying and installing new treating plant and allowed producer to sell an additional 12 MMscf/d valued at $30,659,928.00/yr.

Process Solutions:
GCC assisted New Mexico client with elimination of coal fines that were damaging compressors, process equipment and meters. GCC evaluated current separation and filtration of coal fines and determined the fines were traveling above the liquid, and gas velocities were not sufficient to remove fines. GCC, along with partners, developed a separation system that eliminated the particles from the systemizing resulting in reduction of down time and equipment repair costs.

Process Solutions: GCC and GCC partners provided the design, engineering, procurement and construction of a 30 MMscf/d amine process and compression facility designed to handle 29% CO2. The facility included 3000 hp main compression, 800 hp electric driven propane compression.

918253Process Solutions: Over the last 5 years, GCC has provided expertise to our clients in the rental and purchase of over 40 process skids. These applications Include: J-T, Amine, Sulfa Treat, Desiccant, Dehydration, BTEX and Mole Sieve units.