Compressor Overhauls and Repairs

pic14GCC and GCC partners provide a detailed evaluation of your compressor problems. Our representative will gather all field data from your operators and evaluate the data. GCC will then interact directly with factory representatives from the compressor packager, driver manufacturer, compressor and control system manufacturers to remedy the problem.

Engine Service: GCC and Partners have performed engine service on most Caterpillar 3400, 3516 and 3600 series, Waukesha’s, Superior’s and Ajax’s. Work has included overhauls, swing engines, control upgrades, general repairs, piston and head trouble shooting, performance evaluation, crank and rod bearing failure analysis, turbocharger upgrades and wiring harness repairs.


Compressor Service:
GCC and Partners have performed compressor service on Ariel’s, Ajax’s, Superior’s, Dressers, GE/Gemini, Worthington, Frick, G-D, Quincy, Sullair, Howden and Joy. Work has included overhauls, general repairs, control evaluation upgrades, trouble shooting, lubrication analysis, rod-crosshead failure analysis, repair and valve failure analysis and repair, and bottle repair.

Overhauls: GCC prepared RFQ’s and solicited overhaul and revamp estimates on 24 compressors and engines for clients (330 Hp to 4000 Hp range), evaluated overhaul/revamp requirements, projected cost estimates, selected vendors for services, and managed process from start to completion. Typical savings to clients over in-house company coordination of work is over 15%.

1391Vibration Analysis: GCC and GCC Partners have performed vibration analysis for clients on over 23 compressor packages and 9 compressor stations. These have included simple piping upgrades to extensive foundation redesigns. Typical applications include pulsation and acoustical analysis resulting in structural redesign, and may require new bottles and piping. GCC handles all aspects including, analysis, redesign requirements of orifices, piping and bottle modifications, foundation supports and structural stiffing. When modification is required, GCC writes the RFQ for equipment and work, selects the vendor and manages installation and startup.