Compressor Training for Operation Personnel

Compressor Applications for Operation Personnel

Compressor types

  • Positive displacement - Examples
  • Dynamic - Examples

Vapor Recovery Application - Rotary Vane

Low Pressure Application - Rotary Screw

Gathering Compression-Reciprocating

  • Package Components and functions
  • Cylinder design and applications
  • Valve Design and application
  • Capacity control types
  • Cylinder unloading design and application
  • Value of proper loading on Fuel saving and maintenance

Cooler styles and application

  • Cooler design and temperature issues
  • Understanding cooler approach designation

Conditions of loading

  • Loading philosophy
  • Loading corner points

Loading point concerns

  • Working Pressure (MAWP)
  • Temperature
  • Rod Load
  • Volumetric Efficiency
  • Volume Control
  • Compression Efficiency
  • Range
  • Speed

Multi stage loading analysis

Compressor Theory for Operations Personnel

Gas properties

  • Gas behavior
  • Density
  • “k” Value
  • Molecular Weight
  • Specific Gravity
  • Types of gases

Capacity / Flowrate

  • ACFM vs MMscf/d
  • Cylinder capacity

Volumetric efficiency

  • Cylinder clearance

Gas pressure

  • Gauge pressure
  • Absolute pressure
  • Barometric pressure

Compression ratio

Gas temperature

  • VE vs. temperature

Power required

  • Components
  • Bhp chart

Gas rod load

  • Gas vs. Dynamic vs. Net vs. External
  • Formulas


Compressor Safety and Basic Procedures for Operations Personnel

Startup procedures

  • Unit Blow down
  • Fuel and/or instrument air block valves
  • Process gas purge
  • Main inlet valve control
  • Discharge block valve control
  • Speed control
  • Resets of panel and fuel valve
  • Pre-lube operations
  • Starter engagement intervals
  • Oil pressure observations
  • Warm up and loading
  • Full load operation

Shutdown procedures

  • Normal shutdown
  • Faulted shutdown

Troubleshooting/common problems

  • Engine
  • Compressor

Safety Tips

Maintenance / PM

Operator logs

Routines / Awareness

Failure evaluation

Test: GCC will provide 6 basic problems for operations personnel to solve.
Two on each area.