Facility Troubleshooting

110Mediation: GCC acted as an expert intermediary in numerous operational and failure issues between compressor companies and clients. These issues included fire remediation, catastrophic drive-train failure, run-time assessment, and operating performance on 13 compressors totaling more than 15,000 Hp. GCC enabled credits issued to clients as of December, 2009 of over $4,175,000.00.

Vibration Analysis: Developed the RFQ to provide beta analysis for new bottles and piping on a 7042GSI Superior frame that had substantial vibrations. GCC managed the study and designed revamp requirements of piping and installation of bottles. Wrote Installation RFQ, selected vendor and managed installation.

2383608 Piston Failures: Client had continuing problems with # 3 piston failure. GCC and GCC partners worked directly with client operators, Caterpillar and Caterpillar service partners to evaluate and isolate the root cause of the failure and develop method to prevent the future problem. GCC’s temperature control solution eliminated the problem for the next 2 years to present.

1500 Hp Compressor Failures: GCC was asked to evaluate the multiple motor shaft failures of 4 @ 1500 Hp electric VFD drive compressor packages. GCC determined that the failure was due to inadequate tensional study resulting in shaft failure at 1050 RPM. GCC negotiated the sale equipment back to compressor vendor with a low cost rental rate to client including a server penalty to vendor for performance below 98% run time guarantee. Vendor has spent over $500,000.00 to-date to maintain equipment to meet runtime guarantee.

26Facility Trouble Shooting: GCC provided third-party consulting to evaluate new facility that was under performing. Facility consisted of 2 @ 7044GSI/GE- Gemini package and 30 MMSCF/D NATCO Dehy. GCC determined: 1. Compressor coolers were not sized correctly, 2. Cylinders were not sized for correct conditions, 3. Engine was de-rating due to high ambient building temperature, 4. Engine was de-rating due to high turbo water temperature, 5. Exhaust and cooler fans were not designed for low dba, 6. Facility piping was not designed for correct gas velocity and pressure drop, 7. Dehydration was not designed for high gas temp resulting from undersized coolers. GCC corrections resulted in increase of 6 MMSCF/D through facility and meeting local noise requirements.