Legacy Equipment Evaluation and Repairs

GCC has a library of legacy equipment data to provide performance sizing with contacts throughout the industry to find required information. Together we can provide the parts and pieces to service, repair and revamp your legacy compression equipment.

2654Legacy Revamp: Evaluated performance capabilities and managed revamp of a gas plant compressor (12GTLA/Superior W-7), for reallocation to field application. GCC engineered cylinder and bottle changes, converted coolers from electric motor to engine shaft driven coolers, converted engine from pneumatic to electronic control, and upgraded turbochargers. GCC developed overhaul scope, created RFQ to send to vendors, selected vendors and managed project to completion. Timeline from implementation to startup was under 3 months at a time when new or rental compressors of similar capacity were 9 to 13 months delivery.

13 Legacy Evaluation: Evaluated client desire to revamp Cooper GMVC-6. GCC evaluated revamp costs, operation costs, salvage parts value, current fuel usage, and options to replace unit. GCC determined; revamp costs of $377,000.00 combined with high maintenance and fuel costs and mandated the unit be replaced with existing client owned compressors. This evaluation reduced maintenance expenditures, field operation costs, man hours, down time and fuel costs.

Legacy Upgrade: Client contacted GCC to discuss failed cylinders on 3 @ Waukesha/I-R KOCA 800 Hp single stage compressors and need for future 2 stage operation. GCC evaluated the conversion using special adaptor cross head and using Ariel K cylinders and pistons. GCC also evaluated the conversion from single stage to 2 stage. GCC engineered upgrades, ordered parts and service, and managed all work. Each converted unit cost under $250,000.00, reduced client down time and improved throughput by over 2.0 MMscfd at new design point.