Remote Monitoring and Analysis

Field Remote Monitoring: GCC developed the scope and costs for web-based monitoring and optimization of 42 compressor sites, wrote client AFE’s to include the monitoring of wells, station and fuel EFM’s, compressor and engine panels, tanks, dump valves, compressor real time analysis and maintenance scheduler and developed RFQ for all components and installation.


Real Time Analysis: GCC assisted in the development of web-based monitoring and analysis of compressor packages and facilities. The designed system can provide real time analysis of compressor package; rod loading, valve efficiency, vibration, cylinder temperatures and pressures, piping and cooler pressure drops, all engine parameters, EFM, fuel efficiency, maintenance scheduler and parts ordering capability. System will report by exception, diagnose changes in parameters notification as well as trending analysis notification.


System Upgrades: GCC and GCC partners provide the client with a single source to upgrade systems and integrate different operating systems into a common platform. GCC’s understanding of facility operating requirements allows us to tailor systems to meet client needs at a minimum cost.